Superpene – Obsesionados por alargar el plátano

Las consultas de especialistas en sexo y en terminos generales las preguntas lanzadas a Internet más frecuentes por parte de los hombres giran en torno a la medida del instrumento, por otra parte de la eyaculación precoz y otro tipo de retos ahora inquietudes relacionadas con el sexo.

Este tipo de obsesiones por poseer el pito consumado vienen motivadas en optima porción por las presiones de la sociedad que nacen desde correctamente pequeños y que son alimentadas por los medios de notificación, aunque sea en clave de humor. Hay familia que se siente harto segura con su acto sexual y con su sexualidad en general, aunque por versus hay muchos varónes a los que les preocupa no mantener un superpene o siquiera sostener un miembro viril normalito de un tamaño que esté en la media.

Seguidamente está el tema de la gente que por alguna malformación ahora cualquier otra cuestión nace con un instrumento extremadamente pequeño. Empero para los casos normales de clan que la tiene pequeña, sin embargo dentro del rango de lo habitual para un adulto, lo que entran en recreo son factores más perfectamente psicológicos y de gustos estéticos.

Para el sexo puro y duro, no es precisado tener un superpene, porque es aceptablemente sabido que las zonas más sensibles de lo que es el víscera carnal de la novia es el clítoris y las paredes de la vagina más exteriores. Es proponer, la mujer jamás va a percatar más deleite por el hecho de que el picha sea más ínclito o más pequeño si está interiormente de unos rangos normales (los micropenes serían un caso a salvo).

Aunque igual que hay una tendencia muy extendida entre las mujeres a eso de incrementar su talla de pecho, aún hay un interés creciente por agrandar el minga, y muchas veces es por un tema amatorio (aunque casi siempre por verdadero confuso masculino). La superioridad que tiene un picha ínclito es que facilita la sondeo en determinadas posturas, sobre todo si la mujer está rellenita o si hay mucha diferencia de elevación entre el pequeño y la chica (en cuanto a relaciones heterosexuales se refiere).

Por esta causa hay hoy día tantos métodos tanto naturales como mecánicos (como extensores de pene) para tratar de percibir algunos centímetros, sin contar, claro está, la prolongación del falo dirección prótesis.

En definitiva, que cada cual debe mantener muy claro por qué quiere tender su pito, y en su caso escoger el método que mejor le venga y que sea más efectivo.

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La pasion me ha llevado por caminos insospechados.

A veces mis sueos son tan reales que bien podran ser una prolongacin de mis ms ntimos deseos. Este relato recrea mis das en la academia de modelaje a principios de este ao .

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Run Time: 33:36
Actions: Double Penetration, Anal Sex, Cumshot Swallowing – Multiple, Squirting, Ass to Mouth, Rough Sex, Gapes

Rose is in open-toed shoes and a black miniskirt. She gets on all fours and we get closeups of her face before having her crawl around like a dog and then lie on a lounge chair and show off her plaid panties. She pulls aside the panties and starts rubbing her clit for us. She gets choked and fingers her cunt. She gets up and gets into doggie, exposing her hot little ass. The director starts smacking her ass with a cane, then fingers her teen butthole.

Two guys then show up, and take turns throatfucking this cutie and finger her pussy. They move to the couch and one of the guys takes his massive cock and slides it into her twat for some spoon action while she sucks off the other. It doesn’t take long for the guy to decide to take her anally, and we get a nice shot of her legs together, ass exposed, getting nailed in the ass. There’s some doggie anal with some more spanking before an awesome shot of her with her legs right up behind her head, as our stud slides his cock back into her teen butthole. The other stud makes good use of Rose’s feet, using them for a brief footjob. They do some reverse cowgirl and at one point Rose squirts right onto the camera!

The reverse cowgirl anal eventually turns into a reverse cowgirl DP. This teen is really getting hammered in this vid. They also do a cowgirl DP before one guy picks her up and throws her onto the couch in mish for some super anal. They finger her pussy again until she squirts some more, and then set up for the finish. The first guy shoots a great load into her mouth, like 7-8 spurts of jizz. The second guy’s load is anticlimatic by comparison. Rose keeps her mouth open the whole time, and swallows it down. She is choked and slapped a bit to end the scene.

Good rough sex with a willing and eager nymph.

Rating: 8.5/10

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Run Time: 30:14
Actions: Toys – Anal, Toys – Pussy

This movie starts off with Anne doing a cute little dance wearing a little pink top and black miniskirt. She pulls her miniskirt up flashing her cameltoe and turns around to show a beautiful tight ass and spreads it open a little. you can tell her butt is firm and supple.
The camera pans up and you see she is young and pretty with a look of innocence and sluttiness that is a real turn on. She starts rubbing her pussy through her panties and pulls them up through her pussy lips to give a nice view of some really nice meaty pussy lips.
She’s got a great looking cameltoe she shows it off nicely as she moves around topless with her panties pulled between her lips. Anne has a nice natural set of firm hooters that are just the right size.
After dancing and rubbing for a while she gets the panties off and starts working her pussy with her fingers. She really works her pussy for a good bit and looks right in the camera as she moans and jams fingers in her soaking wet pussy. She ends up with a monster vegetable inside her well lubed pussy and really works her pussy with it. The best part is next when she takes a glass dildo and eases it into her ass. Great closeups of the dildo sliding in and out of her tight ass and she licks it clean when done. The video finishes up with some great closeups of her pussy and ass as she plays with both.
One of the best parts is her moaning and loking right at the camera.
Definitely a cute video that keeps you hard and stroking from start to finish.

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Run Time: 34:35
Actions: Big Tits, Tit Fucking, Cumshot – Tits

“Real women have curves”

Face: A
Body:B+ (please work on your abs!)
Charm: A
Sex: A-

(A: I’m going to explode, B: Surefire stiffy, C: Hey, at least it’s sex, D: Time for a sandwich)

HIGHLIGHTS: cute girl in great action, but midsection in certain angles distracted me!

Let me first say that when I saw a capture of Daria (Glover) I immediately had to download this flick. She is super gorgeous. Daria has a beautiful face and a beautiful body. The opening tease has her prancing around in a cute black bikini outfit, and she looks SMOKING. I was shocked later on in the vid to see her midsection jiggle so much when she was shot in certain angles. Check out 13:24 or 20:20. This girl is a full figured woman and by no means am I knocking her as a whole package. She’s got great natural hooters and a curvy sultry physique. I guess you just can’t have natural hooters like those without some padding, and this girl wears her padding in the midsection. There’s no hint of this blemish when she’s filmed in the beginning, which leads me to believe that this girl should be shot with certain angles avoided. Again, she is a stunner and very beautiful and I am still a fan!

The action itself is hot. Her tease is very good. The camera spends some nice time worshipping her hooters in Prime Cups fashion. I was ready to explode before we even saw her fuck. She blows, she gets titty-fucked, and she gets banged all over the house. No anal, though. She remains playful throughout her scenes. At the end the guy blows a load all over her hooters and she is filmed for over a minute just playing with her jizz covered tits. Nice touch.

I love this girl, she is so cute a near fantasy of what a perfect porn star should look like. I just wish some camera and editing magic spared me from the jiggling, because it was enough to bring me back down to reality. I’ll have to check out more of her vids on this site and see if there are some better scenes filmed. In the mean time, if Daria wants to contact me through this site I’d be happy to send her a great abdominal workout routine :)

-Scene Doc

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Actions: Double Penetration, Anal Sex, Cumshot Swallowing – Multiple, Ass to Mouth, Choking, Rough Sex, Gapes, Deep Throating
Run Time: 33:35

Suzane seems like a sweet girl, not a real beauty, but she is a willing performer. In this TamedTeens threesome scene, she takes on two guys, accepting the ususal TamedTeens slapping and choking. Since she has a decent, full-sized ass, a lot of the action takes place down there. She looks pretty good taking anal and dp insertions, putting in good energy during the acts. Two cumshot mouthfuls round out the video, the first being a solid, thick white stream that finds her mouth just fine. The second is a gusher that shoots into her cheek initially before Suzanne quickly turns her head to get the semen into her mouth where it joins the first shot. As with the entire video, she is a good sport, complying with the swallowing requirement willingly. A decent TamedTeens effort.

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25 Prisioneros, acusados de abominables delitos sexuales, desaparecieron misteriosamente de diferentes crceles estatales. Casi un par de meses ms tarde fue hallado uno de ellos.

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Monica & Valerie
Run Time: 32:34
Actions: Toys – Anal, Anal Sex, Cumshot Swapping – Single

“Monica Sweetheart in a MUST DOWNLOAD”

Faces: A
Bodies: A
Charm: A
Sex: A+

(A: I’m going to explode, B: Surefire stiffy, C: Hey, at least it’s sex, D: Time for a sandwich)

HIGHLIGHTS: Monica Sweetheart, lots of anal and ATM, camera moves nicely in and around all the action you feel like you are in the middle of things!

I think Monica Sweetheart is one of the cutest girls to ever work in porn. Aside from her stunning looks and perfect body, she has a very sexy and sultry accent and plays well in front of the camera. I know this clip is old and isn’t in high res, but I felt her presence merited a watch. Wow, am I glad I did check this flick out because it is great! An added bonus is the presence of Valerie, a super sexy brunette who I saw (and reviewed) in another fantastic semen swap threesome movie earlier this month (be sure to check that one out too). Whereas Monica is the voluptuous blonde with a beautiful meaty ass, Valerie is a super thin and tight brunette and has a petite sexy ass that is equally enjoyable. The best of both worlds! I love how Valerie’s skinny thighs make her pussy lips stick out even more from behind hot!

The girls start off by teasing us by shaking their asses at the camera while they receive spankings. I could never tire of this shot, if I was there I would spank and spank them until their beautiful asses were red and raw. A sexy two-on-one blowjob follows (13:00) and I love when Monica spits on the cock right before Valerie takes a mouthful. We get a point of view shot of the camera man inserting a dildo in Monica’s ass while Valerie is getting fucked in the ass by another dude. Nice! Both girls mix and match positions and swap partners with each other while taking moments to pay attention to each other. Most of the sex featured here is 2 guys vs. 2 girls, mostly anal, and there are some nice ass-to-mouth shots. In the end of all the frenzy there is a nice (of course hence the site) semen swap where Valerie generously shares a load with Monica. She swallows like a champ.

Wow. Fantastic movie! I wish it were in high res. You guys should get these girls together again if it is possible; they are great together both in terms of the variety of eye candy for us as well as the quality of their performances. And the best aspect of this movie was the cameraman got involved with the action and kept giving us a nice mix of close-ups and wide shots. I felt I was right in the middle of everything. Awesome, A+, this is what gonzo should be. Download it!

-Scene Doc

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Actions: Double Penetration, Anal Sex, Cumshot Swallowing – Multiple, Ass to Mouth, Choking, Slapping, Rough Sex, Gapes
Run Time: 34:32

This sexy, exotic woman with a nice body and a great ass, will please all of you!

She gets ass fucked. Hard. There is lots of slapping, spitting in her face, rough sex and a DP. She truley gets tamed.
The guys get her to suck their penises after the camera man has showed us her sexy body. To wake her up they throw her into the pool and the comes the rough stuff. All wet and looking sexy she gets throat fucked and then comes the fucking. Starts off with doggy style vaginal sex and then the other guy pounds her ass. she gets rough anal sex and rough vagina sex and lots of ass/pussy-to-mouth.

This babe never gets a rest with both of the guys pounding her ass or vagina and she almost always has a cock in her mouth. She gets anal gaped nicely and eventually gets DPed by them both, straight after doing some ass-to-mouth. And at the end she swallows two loads and then we get one final look at her face and it ends.


Conclusion. Lots of rough anal and vagina sex. Spitting, slapping, DP, cock sucking, gapes and swallowing are all in this video. She gets well and truley tamed and her ass will never be the same again. They sure got their moneys worth out of her.Maybe a little too much make-up on her but other than that she has a nice sexy tanned body and nice sized tits. Not to large and not to small.


Sexo Free


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Run Time: 31:39
Actions: Toys – Pussy, Fisting, Squirting

This movie is still one of Givemepink’s best. Everyone, the trailer doesn’t show the true stuff; it’s incredible. Look for galleries or pay for the movie. It’s incredible

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Actions: Cumshot Facial – Multiple
Run Time: 36:38

The movie starts off with Michaela preparing for the gang blowjob. She gives the camera guy a quick jerkoff to start. You would not believe how this teen can suck cock! She does it all. Gagging with the boys lined up in a straight line, sucking them off in a circle and what not. She takes each load to her face like a champ and smiles at the end 😀 !

Video Porno Colombiano

Relato enviado originalmente por Ricardo V.C. el 23 de Marzo del 2001Siempre me ha obsesionado el sexo,una de las experiencias que ms disfruto cuando las recuerdo fue la que tuve una tarde con una compaera de trabajo:Durante los partidos del Mundial Francia 98, se supona que todos estabamos trabajando, pero la gran mayora estaban viendo uno de los partidos de Mxico, ella y yo permanecimos “trabajando en la oficina”.

Relato enviado originalmente por el 6 de Octubre del 2000 a www.SexoServicio.comHistorias con mi sirvienta. Ella me ayudaba a hacer las tareas.Hola a todos les voy a contar lo que me paso hace 3 aos cuando tenia 18 y sentia ganas de algo mas que masturbarme.Despues de pasar varios dias viendo peliculas porno de ves encuando o viendo revistas,o tratando de ver ami vecina desnudarse, mi familia contrato una sirvienta para los oficios de la casa elal flaca alta, para mi gusto cuando llego no causaba ni me despertaba ningun interes solo hasta un dia que me estaba masturbando mientras yo estudia vi que paso , la puerta de mi cuarto no esta completamente abierta ni completamente cerrada y me parecio que ella mira hacia mi alcoba, las cosas quedaron asi, pero me exito mucho el hecho que ella se hubiera ddo cuenta que me estaba masturbando., desde ese dia empezo a gustarme Graciela asi se llama ella.

Video Porno Pamela Anderson

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Run Time: 35:35
Actions: Cumshot Creampie – Pussy, Cumshot Creampie – Multiple

Well, I have to say that Melanie ranks in my top three. Her pure sex appeal carries this shoot in my opinion to the top of the charts. Even though one or two scenes weren’t superb in themselves, Melanie (and I’m being biased, I know) is just too hot in each one and could turn an amateur, dim lit shoot into a first class movie. On the bad side, her moaning is constant even when not having sex (in anticipation I presume) and there’s sadly no D.P or anal, longer scenes would be nice and the shoot ends. But the good more than outweighs the bad. Melanie, come back please.


Melanie is oozes sex appeal with her jet black hair, seductive eyes, a gaspingly tight ass and a fetching fishnet outfit stretched over her nice little boobies. The good news is that she’s feeling horny and immediately she gets to work rubbing her pussy, show off her wonderful ass and putting herself forward for the title of sexiest model on the network. You’ll see what I mean when during the spread eagle shot of her on the ground.

In the meantime, two guys enter and she proceeds to suck off these two lucky guys. After which, finally the wait is over and we see Melanie putting up for doggy style in high heels whilst of course occupying herself by sucking off the other guy. The casual sex develops into a hot and steamy pounding with Melanie audibly signalling her enjoyment. Things get better and better with firstly a lively reverse cowgirl, followed by more riding and a final mix of tag teamed action but sadly no DP or anal. A double internal cumshot rounds closes off the action and Melanie is left with good time to play with her sodden pussy, lick her finger clean and leave her audience drooling.

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Actions: Water squirting, Toys – Pussy
Run Time: 29:25

SUMMARY: Laura is gorgeous, and this is a fantastic low-key, yet sensuous scene. I particularly liked Laura’s outfit, and a LOVED how she oiled herself up, and eventually, her peeing stint on the floor. I know that’s hit or miss with some people, but I love it. All in all, this was my kinda scene.

DETAILS: Laura has a fantastic little body, complete with small, perky tits, some medium length, honey-blonde hair, and of course, a vagina worthy of porn. She’s wearing a pair of sheer, white, lacy stockings, a netty top, and a tiny little thong. She spends some time giving us an old-school tease session, showing off her body through her clothes. Eventually, of course the clothes come off, and she starts fingering her box for the camera. She does so in the missionary position, and then shifts to doggy-style before breaking out the curvy glass dildo to fill the void her fingers left.

After a bit, Laura decides to oil herself up, and I must say, I LOVE it when they oil themselves up. She does it slowly and beautifully, and then looks freakin’ FANTASTIC sucking on her glass dildo for a minute or so before breaking out a banana to use on her pussy. She works her shimmering body missionary, and then covers herself with whipped cream and continues fucking herself. The scene concludes with a nice closeup session, and then Laura pees on the floor. Excellent stuff.


Porno Simpson

Esta es la hitoria de una amiga que se hace llamar la gatitami nombre es Zero y les voy a contar como lo realto ella

tena que pagar mi colegiatura la semana siguiente y no tena ni un centavo, haba gastado mi dinero con mi novio, que hacer? me haba dicho mi amiga Mnica, que en la entrada de la ciudad solicitaban chicas para bailar, con una buena paga, con tantos spots en la televisin, seguramente se refera a un lugar de table dance, me puse mi pantaln ms apretado y corto de la cintura, mis calzoncitos ms sexys, (si al blanco se le puede llamar sexy) una playera sin brasierre y fui a las 7 de la noche a pedir trabajo, “claro chaparrita”, me dijo el encargado, bienvenida, sin quitar su mirada lasciva de mis tetas y de mis nalgas, -modestia aparte, unas buenas nalgas que me doto la naturaleza-” pagamos 200 pesos por bailar los turnos que te toquen y por cada boleto que hagas son 100 pesos, la copa no se paga, as que si quieres tomar con los clientes, es por tu cuenta, bienvenida, cmbiate all en el fondo”.

Simpson Porno

FUI VIOLADO, CUANDO TENIA 14 A?OS DE EDAD, ESO SUCEDIO CUANDO IVA AL CLUB PARA ENTRENARME EN SALTOS HORNAMENTALES , cuando fuimos al vestuario nos sacamos las ropas , y vamos a las duchas es ahi que conoci a mi violador , despues de las practicas volvemos alos vestuarios a tomar una ducha caliente y relajarnos , en ese momento se puso en frente mio dentro de la ducha un tipo que me miraba con mucha intensidad yo me daba vuelta en mi bao pero creo que era peor , se exito de tal manera que vi su enorme pija crecer en un tamao

Relato enviado originalmente por Eric M. el 21 de Septiembre del 2000 a www.SexoServicio.comLuego de una larga jornada laboral llegue exhausto a casa, mi cuarto estaba de cabeza, decid ver cable y sacar una soda del refri, echado contemplaba el televisor mientras poniendo mis dedos al azar sobre el control remoto marque un canal porno mientras comenzaba a cabecear al ver lo que estaba viendo inmediatamente puse toda mi atencin a las animadas imgenes porno mi mirada estaba completamente clavada contemplando esas nalgas tan ricas y carnosas y como ese tipo le introduca su largo y venoso pen tipo de cuerpo atltico mientras yo me vea con mi cuerpo esculido pero con un pen ms deseoso que ese.